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Author Lynn Sloan recommends Turning Points!

Score! Lynn Sloan, author of of "Principles of Navigation" and "This Far Isn’t Far Enough," had this to say about "Turning Points" the anthology my newest story "Infinite Monkey Hypothesis" is about to appear in...

"Good stories, well written stories, stories full of life-lived wisdom, like those in Turning Points, are a genuine pleasure to read. What sets apart Turning Points is the vast range of the stories told: a family fleeing the Khmer Rouge to a divorced man trapped in an elevator with his hateful ex mother-in-law; social uproar in post-bootleg Chicago to a disabled woman’s conversation with an intrusive stranger; a young combat vet’s reentry into frat life to a dying murderer’s gleeful ruminations; more than three hundred stories in all, and each a well-honed beauty. Expect to be transported, bewitched, delighted, and moved by the unique voices and stories in Turning Points."

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