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Curriculum Vita

Professional Experience

Creative Writing

2016 - present

  • Buyer, L.S. (2022). Home. Visions of Life Exhibit at the Skokie Public Library (November 1-December 20): Skokie, IL.

  • Buyer, L.S. (2021).  Infinite Monkey Hypothesis.  Turning Points, edited by Ruth Beach, Rolling Meadows, IL, Windy City Publishers.

  • Buyer, L.S. (2020).  My Turn.  Visions of Life 2: Art Inspired Short Stories, edited by Ivy Sundell, Winnetka, IL, Crow Woods Publishing.

  • Off Campus Writers Workshop, Board Member, 2019-present.

Schakowsky for Congress

2016 - present

  • Director of Special Projects, 2019 - present.

  • Supervisor, Intern & Fellowship Programs, 2017 – present.

  • Coordinator, 9th Congressional District Phone Banks, 2017 - 2018.

Governors State University

1994 - 2016

Professor Emerita, 2016 - present.

Professor of Psychology, 2005 - 2016.

Institutional Research

  • Interim Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness, 2013-2014.

  • Director, 2009-2011. 

  • Associate Director, 2006-2008.

Chairperson, Division of Psychology and Counseling, 2002-2004.

Representative Publications

Dominowski, R.L. and Buyer, L.S. (2000).  Retention of problem solutions: The re-solution effect. American Journal of Psychology, 113, 249-274.

Berardi-Coletta, B., Buyer, L.S., Dominowski, R.L., and Rellinger, E.R.  (1995).  Metacognition and problem transfer: A process-oriented approach.  Journal of Experimental Psychology:  Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 21, 205-223.

Buyer, L.S. and Dominowski, R.L.  (1989).  Retention of solutions: It's better to give than to receive.  American Journal of Psychology, 102, 353-363.

Buyer, L.S.  (1988).  Creative problem solving: A comparison of performance under different instructions.  Journal of Creative Behavior, 22, 55-61.​

Statistical Consulting

1988 - present

  • Statistical consulting, including statistical projections for political campaigns.

  • Buyer, L.S.  (1989).  Demystifying MGLH or It's got to be possible to analyze these data using the general linear model.  Evanston, Illinois: SYSTAT, Inc.

  • Buyer, L.S.  (1988). Introduction to SYSTAT on the MAC.  Evanston, Illinois: SYSTAT, Inc

  • Buyer, L.S.  (1988).  Introduction to SYSTAT on the PC.  Evanston, Illinois: SYSTAT, Inc. 

  • Buyer, L.S.  (1988).  SYSTAT:  Univariate and Multivariate Statistics.  Evanston, Illinois: SYSTAT, Inc.

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