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Cognitive Psychologist

My path to graduate school is only partly why I think a memoir might be in order: No high school diploma (no GED either), expelled at the end of my freshman year of college for a GPA below "D," graduated six years later with a "C" average and a degree in English Literature, admitted to graduate school in Psychology by accident (another woman with the same last name applied).  To the surprise of the department that started me on probation, I was a very successful graduate student and earned a PhD in Cognitive Psychology.


"What do you mean 'There's no room for another plant'?" Before I had a garden, I had a house full of plants. Gardening in the dune behind my house, I learned what will (and will not!) grow in sand. As part of that journey, I became a Master Gardener and started Gardens by Design, my own firm. These days, I garden on the balcony and enjoy a house full of plants. Full circle ... 🙃


I took a class because I wanted to take better snap shots with my iPhone.  That quickly escalated to buying myself a real camera (Leica D Lux 7) and when that proved too limiting, a second one (the SONY a7 III I am using in the image above).

Creative Writer

I write short stories that are what I like to call fictional memoir, all combine fact with fantasy -- after all, reality doesn't necessarily make good fiction.  Three of my stories have been published, and others are in process.

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